Monday, September 23, 2013

No Hunting Allowed

This was taken through my window screen and across our deep backyard to under our a craggy old apple tree (see red dot). There was a NINE POINT Buck standing at the corner of our property, munching fallen apples! He was magnificent! I got some shots on m7 Canon as that are far better and I'll be sharing here later. This was taken with my iPhone 4S.

"Is He Okay?"

"What was THAT?" by Arty_Kat
"What was THAT?", a photo by Arty_Kat on Flickr.
My daughter @crazedsage thought she saw our neighbor's cat, Jimmie Johnson, get hit by a car but he was just fine. Whew!. We have been taking near-daily walks together - well, she does the walking and I ride in my motorized wheelchair- and enjoy the beauty all around us here in the mountains. It is a regular occurance for me to see deer, and often it is more than one in more than one place along the walk.