Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hold Calls, We Have a Winner!

I wrote the name of everyone who made a comment on the last post, which made each a and my husband chose the name and the winner is...

drum roll please...

Shelley Shockley, come on down! You are the newest contestant...uh, no, you are the proud winner of a very special personal favorite photo postcard from me! I hope that you really enjoy it. It is one that I took when my husband and I went traveling in a county in Southwest Virginia one beautiful afternoon, in the Heart of the Appalachian Mountains. We went on a pretty narrow gravel mountain road and I ended up taking 425 photos! And after reviewing them quickly, I only needed to delete two, so that should tell you how beautiful and special that day was for me, artistically. I don't want to spoil the surprise of her card, so I will refrain :)

Shelley has a website and it has tons of great stuff to explore!


PS please email me at ArtyKat (at) me (dot) com to give me your address :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Liberated My Art! Plus a GIVEAWAY

I participated In the Liberate Your Art postcard exchange , and it literally changed my life. Here is the link to what I am referring, and on that page you will find a video of all the postcards exchanged. Mine is there (one of 2 that I sent) at about 2:48 - it is a photo of three teasels (sort of looks like a thistle) and I will post the photo here soon.

Click on this link:
All about the Exchange

This postcard exchange literally changed my life! My friend, Kathryn Hall, who was also a participant in this exchange, told me about it and encouraged me to join. I am a retired woman who used to be so very creative even when I was swamped with work, and my private practice, and raising a family. However, when I became disabled, and actually HAD the time to be as creative as I wanted, I had lost interest due to multiple physical challenges and fighting depression due to being housebound for eight years (no longer, since November, thank God). My precious friend (more talented than any one person I have ever seen!) knew that the creativity was still inside of me, and she had been trying to coax it out. This was one of her various ways of trying to do just that.

I signed up but didn't really quite understand what I was getting into, and didn't put my all into it. Yes, I made my requisite five postcards from photos that I had taken, but there were surely better ones that I could have chosen - or maybe one of my watercolor paintings would have been better to photograph and use. Anyway, the postcards started coming and I was absolutely BLOWN away by the quality of art! But even more, this community of artists welcomed me with open and embracing arms, and I've needed friends and like-spirited fellow artists in my life SO MUCH. They changed my life by encouraging me and including me even though they didn't know me from Eve.

Kat, of Kat Eye Studio, is a wonderful encourager and human being, and I'm going to be following her from now on... where she leads, I'll follow!

Here are the postcards I received... one apparently got lost in the mail, as it never came :(

This first one was by Angela Vular

This one is by Elaine Millar

This is by Lisa Wright (the one to the left)

The one to the left is from Eliz Burton

And the last one, from the Host, Kat Sloma

I am holding a contest GIVEAWAY! If you leave a comment below, you will be entered in a contest to win one of my (better) postcards! I will draw out the winner's name on September 30th, and announce it so the winner can message me with their contact information. Good luck!