Friday, July 27, 2012

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Monday, July 23, 2012

My guys

My guys by Quilter Bear
My guys, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

Bear and I were watching a movie and Milo was getting into mischief, so Bear tucked him inside his sweatshirt. He liked the warmth and coziness so much, he just stayed there!

But, as you can see, Bear started getting sleepy due to all the kitty purring and warmth, and had to go take a nap halfway through the movie!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Milo,seeing himself on my phone camera! :)

Milo watched himself in the screen of my iPhone while I took photos of him close up. He was fascinated, and even reached out to try to touch the screen once!

Taken on July 12, 2012

Taken on July 12, 2012 by Quilter Bear
Taken on July 12, 2012, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

Another Hibiscus. It was raining when I took this shot!

Hibiscus in bloom

Hibiscus in bloom by Quilter Bear
Hibiscus in bloom, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

This is a flowering bush that is in bloom around our neighborhood. I've seen white and this beautiful pink so far. If this isn't hibiscus, please let me know!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our new baby... it's a boy!

We have yet ANOTHER new member of the family! Both Bear and I have had kitten fever the last few days, but hadn't said anything about it to one another. We have been visiting a neighbor down the street who has 17 cats in all, including her renter who lives in the downstairs part of her 2 story duplex. She also has a dog that is half coyote! She is the most lovable thing, though we were scared of her at first when she had escaped from the fenced-in yard. She met us in the road, and we were afraid she'd attack Bella. Au contrair (oops, forgot how to spell that!) - she came up to Bella wagging her tail and being friendly and BELLA was the one who was on guard. They made friends immediately, however, and now we visit her, the cats, and the woman who owns the house (and the renter, too!) quite often. We even know most of the cats by name now. There are two litters involved, at different ages, and several adults.

Well, I was even contemplating asking if we could have one of the kittens. I'd not discussed it with Bear, mainly because I was sure he would be against it. Yesterday, there was a little kitten who looked so much like Sylvie at the fence between Jay and Cari's yard and ours. Cari picked it up and brought it to us to cuddle. I wanted it right then and there, but said nothing.

Tonight, after our nightly excursion with the dogs (we take a route that goes to the end of a road near us, well, to the place it changes to gravel anyway - it is a mile round trip), we were coming near to that house with the many cats. It is actually on the corner of the road we live on and the one we take to the end of the pavement and back. As we neared the house, there was that little Sylvie look-alike! It followed me/us to the corner, where I turned into the little parking area for the house. Out came the neighbor, who I'll call Missy, and she gave me a paper with her name and number on it. I had given her one of our cards a couple of days ago with our phone number and email, etc. She told us she would pick up anything we needed on her way home any time, as she is out and about every day.

I told her the little kitten had followed us home the night before, after our excursion (better word than "walk"), and she said "oh, that's not one of mine!" I said, "well, we really like it it." Bear said something to the effect that we were going to take it home! I looked at him and nodded. Yay, we still think alike sometimes!

I asked her to pick it up for me, and to see if she could tell the gender. A male, definitely a male (I looked to confirm it and yes, he is). Good! They are cheaper to neuter! So home he came, and he still doesn't have a name. We are hoping for suggestions! He is actually not a pure tuxedo like Sylvie, but a tuxedo/tabby mix, as you can see the stripes through the black. There is some white under the black (like the thick, soft undercoat) on his neck, so it makes it look like he has gotten into flour or powder on the back of his head and neck.

NOTE: we have a name! Stormy Milo, and we'll probably call him Milo most often.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A gladioli

A gladioli by Quilter Bear
A gladioli, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

A gladioli (sp?) that I saw growing in a yard near our home... just a single stalk, but beautiful.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wild berries are the sweetest

There are wild black raspberries all over our neighborhood's back roads, and oh, are they deliciously sweet... when ripe. If not, they are so sour! The only way to tell if they are ripe is if you pull slightly on the berry and it falls off. It can be very dark, but unless if pulls off easily, it is NOT good to eat.

ask my how I know!

My Bella Boo

My Bella Boo by Quilter Bear
My Bella Boo, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

Bella loves her kitty balls, squeaky tough rubber toys that have a squeaker inside. She has two pink ones (she knows them ONLY as "pinkkittyball" and won't respond to "ball" or "kitty ball"), which are her favorites, and an orange one (as seen in the photo). She knows the difference in color, and prefers different kitty balls on different days - rarely the orange one, but today was a rare day.

The squeakers are all either pushed into the toy, or barely squeak. She LOVES squeakers, but her obsession causes her to chew to try to get at them and thus ruining the very thing she loves.

these balls have a big kitty head and a small round body and tiny feet (she has the head in her mouth).


  by Quilter Bear
, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

Our newest addition, Mimi Mimsy Moo has decided she wants to cuddle up next to the cat, Sylvie. This was definitely new for him, but they did lie there side by side (Sylvie is actually in the dog bed shared by Mimsy and Bella, alternatively) with Mimsy on a dress that I'd just taken off and was going to put in the wash.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Clouds have settled upon the mountain

I love how it looks on the mountain behind us, RICH MOUNTAIN is the name, when there is a storm or fog. The clouds often descend and make the mountain invisible!

Kitty running away

Kitty running away by Quilter Bear
Kitty running away, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

Kitty running away from us on Meadow Street. May be a feral cat, but was really pretty. Bella was very disappointed that it left so fast. We were out in the evening, something we do every night (unless raining or too near to a storm), when we turned on this road to look for raspberries. This kitty was there, and this is it running away when we got closer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

She came to us as a rescue on May 30, 2012

This is a photo that I created on an app I have on my iPhone (free, too!),

Bear in the evening

Bear in the evening by Quilter Bear
Bear in the evening, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.
The temps have been extremely high for this area, in the upper 90's, which has led to us staying inside a lot. Tonight, we went out for a good long ride (we go every day, but usually are outside more), and found an apple tree full of small tart apples (crabapples?). There were many on the ground with one big bite out of each, about the size a deer would leave if they tasted it. Guess they didn't like them!

Apples in Appalachia

We saw three deer racing across the field near our street, and they were just beautiful. I didn't catch them on the camera, though. :(