Friday, July 6, 2012

My Bella Boo

My Bella Boo by Quilter Bear
My Bella Boo, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

Bella loves her kitty balls, squeaky tough rubber toys that have a squeaker inside. She has two pink ones (she knows them ONLY as "pinkkittyball" and won't respond to "ball" or "kitty ball"), which are her favorites, and an orange one (as seen in the photo). She knows the difference in color, and prefers different kitty balls on different days - rarely the orange one, but today was a rare day.

The squeakers are all either pushed into the toy, or barely squeak. She LOVES squeakers, but her obsession causes her to chew to try to get at them and thus ruining the very thing she loves.

these balls have a big kitty head and a small round body and tiny feet (she has the head in her mouth).

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