Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hold Calls, We Have a Winner!

I wrote the name of everyone who made a comment on the last post, which made each a and my husband chose the name and the winner is...

drum roll please...

Shelley Shockley, come on down! You are the newest contestant...uh, no, you are the proud winner of a very special personal favorite photo postcard from me! I hope that you really enjoy it. It is one that I took when my husband and I went traveling in a county in Southwest Virginia one beautiful afternoon, in the Heart of the Appalachian Mountains. We went on a pretty narrow gravel mountain road and I ended up taking 425 photos! And after reviewing them quickly, I only needed to delete two, so that should tell you how beautiful and special that day was for me, artistically. I don't want to spoil the surprise of her card, so I will refrain :)

Shelley has a website and it has tons of great stuff to explore!


PS please email me at ArtyKat (at) me (dot) com to give me your address :)

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