Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Instagram and More

I have an obsession with photography and especially using Instagram - and now there is a profile page that you can visit that shows my photos Arty_Kat on Instagram!  Now anyone with Internet access can see my photos there. Hope you'll visit!

Now here are some of my newer photos:
Overlooking the valley from the top of one of our mountains. You can see more mountains in the distance, which are actually much further away than they look.  The trees you see at the top and just under the top of the gate? those are full grown trees and you are seeing the tops, as the mountainside goes over the crest
Another one from a mountain top , taken from the shoulder of the road

An early bit of color as autumn began near our home

The feet of our younger cat, Milo. Their pinkness just insisted I document them!

This is a beautiful plant with bright red berries that I found at a friend/neighbor's house. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know! I'd like one for our own garden.

This was taken just before Superstorm Sandy hit our area with heavy, wet snow - and a lot of it. We actually measured over a foot of snow here, and nearby my friend got over 2 feet!m

Early at the start of what Sandy brought us... over a foot of snow!

While the snow swirled, we were cozy and warm inside

I'll end with a closer view of the photo I started with.

I hope you have been well, and will return to see photos as I post more and more as the days move on. Blessings to you and yours!



  1. Our sweet Milo has crossed the rainbow Bridge. He was so loving and sweet- used to stroke my face with his paw. I have cried many times today and will miss him terribly.


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