Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello, I'm so glad to meet you and to welcome you here!

I have become extremely interested in photography, so I would like to have a blog devoted to the photos that I take here in the Heart of the Appalachian mountains.  And in case we haven't yet met, My husband named me "Bear" and coincidentally, that is his name as well.

I travel a lot through this beautiful area in which I find myself. Bear and I moved to WV/VA/TN/KY mountains on July 2, 2003, sight unseen. He is an Englishman (well, for the first 50 yrs of his life) and I've been a Kansas Sunflower until Illinois and Texas wooed me away. We met in Kansas, and three years later we ended up here, in REDNECK HEAVEN ;) .

We love it here, despite the two of us being city folk, and feel as though we've lived here always.  We're both retired now (me, a psychotherapist specializing in grief and trauma resolution counseling for adults, adults hurt as children, and children. Bear was an algebra teacher and musician/teacher trained at the Royal College of Music in London).

I  hope to post at least one photo a day and I do love to hear from you!


  1. Love the photos! am curious, what type of camera do you use? -- Marie

    1. Hi Marie! So glad that you enjoyed the photos. There will be lots and lots more to come, so do come back. My camera is a simple phone camera : It is a Verizon Samsung "Reality" phone, and it was my husband's phone before I had mine.

    2. Marie, just so you know, my blog has changed and so has my name! Hope you will follow me!


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