Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quilter Bear's photostream

A different cloud formation with the gold shining from withinThe sky as seen from our backyardFirst bloom of LafterThe first blooms of Lafter, which was transplanted early in the year!Three deer, with two more added in a few momentsAnother view in our neighborhood. the mountains are "layered" like this full circle from this vantage point.
Letting it all goBear and Bella moments before the deer came out of the woods where Bella is looking.One of our favorite thinking spots in our neighborhoodThree deer walked out of the woods where we were sitting in our motorized chairs... then two more! White-tailed deer, so beautiful when they lept away later2012-05-25 Beauty2012-05-25 Three Deer
2012-05-25 0362012-05-25 Good Night Moon2012-05-25 Night comes2012-05-25 Man Talk2012-05-25 Back home2012-05-25 071
2012-05-25 0632012-05-25 sunset2012-05-25 0532012-05-25 0512012-05-25 0412012-05-25 036

Here are some recent photos... Enjoy!

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