Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Went for a walk...

Bear and the girls by Quilter Bear
Bear and the girls, a photo by Quilter Bear on Flickr.

and when I say "walk" I do mean a ride in our motorized wheelchairs, or "Jazzy" chairs, or even as some people say, "scooters." A scooter has a basket on the front, but what my hubby and I both have are medically indicated motorized wheelchairs. He has to use it instead of going on long walks, and I have to use mine all the time except from the living room to the bedroom/bathroom. If I want to go to the studio (still in process) on the other side of the kitchen, I have to use my Jazzy.

ANYway... the walk was lovely. The weather was a wonderful, perfect 72 degrees (f) and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Here is a photo taken as we started on the favorite long walk (the girls love it because they can get long runs, and possibly sniff deer or other wondrous critters).

This is a photo of Bear with the girls (Mimsy, our newest addition, and Bella). He had turned around to face me while waiting for me to catch up!

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