Friday, August 17, 2012

A Post You Might Like To See

I'm not able to post all the photos here that I wanted to, and there are many that I wrote about in another blog... so I am sharing that public post. I'm sorry that I had to do it this way, however, here it is! If I  could post easily to my blog here from my iPhone, I'd do that, believe me!

Also, I have this to add:
Just today, we have made the tentative decision to move away from this area. I am 
 intensely grieving the loss of this beauty, but there are such outstanding benefits to leaving that it simply must be done. I'll explain later when I am able to do so. These photos I've taken will be all the more precious to me if we do move. I'll find beauty wherever I go, though, that is a promise I have made to myself. I will be posting photos no matter what!


  1. Your scenic photos are beautiful and you live in such a nice area. Whether you decide to move or not there is beauty everywhere you go. Thank you for stopping to visit me. I'm off to work right now, but will email you this weekend about lavender.

    1. Thank you SO much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Few people even know it exists!

    2. We decided to stay! just so you know, my blog has changed and so has my name! Hope you will follow me!
      PS. I lost my lavender over winter. Is it okay to plant seeds now in a pot, or is it too late?


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