Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall is here... August isn't even over!

Everywhere that one looks in my area, one will see the leaves either falling or scattered upon the ground. It is shocking to me that it was only August 23 when this photo was taken and yet the trees and foliage show signs of it being much later in the season.

I love autumn - I used to say it was my favorite time of the year until I moved here to Appalachia. Here, EVERY season is the most beautiful season.

From now on, every photo I take holds a special sadness and preciousness to me, as we have come to the realization that we must move back to Kansas soon. Our medical needs have increased and we have no family here to help us if one of us is hospitalized or worse. My husband just came home from the hospital (two hours away) after his kidneys started to fail and it was discovered he had a blood clot in his leg.

We don't actually have the funds to move yet, though the need is quite urgent. My daughter and elderly sister live where we are moving, and so we won't be alone. I am going to be listing a paypal account where friends and those who appreciate my blogs can send even a dollar to help us. It is important that we leave as soon as we can, as the snow and ice is on its way soon.

If you are interested in helping, go to and enter any gift to this address: We are traveling 1000 miles with just the two of us, and both of us are "older" and both of us are disabled.


  1. hello kathryn!
    one of your beautiful post cards found its' way to my cabin up here on the coast of kodiak island, alaska! talk about liberated!
    i believe we have your thistle's cousin here on the island... it stands taller than me (5') and is called devil's club - nasty stuff.
    so glad to meet you!

  2. I have tried over and over to respond to you ever since you left this lovely comment. I hope this one goes through!

    I am thrilled that my post card went all the way across the country and waaaaay up there to your cabin! I will visit yor blog and follow. I hope you come back to mine. Very few people even know it exists!


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