Thursday, May 9, 2013

Female cardinal ...

Female cardinal ... by Arty_Kat
Female cardinal ..., a photo by Arty_Kat on Flickr.

visiting the feeder outside our window with blinds. This was taken with my Canon PowerShot as it is quite a distance from where I was sitting. Isn't she beautiful?


  1. I love cardinals and wish we had them here. They are so super cute.

    1. They are my favorite bird, and after reading Fannie Flagg's book The Redbird Christmas, we now call all male cardinals who visit us "Jack" and all females are "Jill." Wonderful book, by the way. I love how they come to the feeders or under them on the ground, and loudly make their chirp. They announce themselves every time.

    2. I forgot to thank you for coming by, Carola! thank you! I'm not used to having visitors even though I yearn to share my blog with others!

  2. Sorry so late coming here! Love the pix and the whole blog. Beautiful lady cardinal.


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