Thursday, May 23, 2013

Noni's Moon

Noni's Moon by Arty_Kat
Noni's Moon, a photo by Arty_Kat on Flickr.

When my youngest was three, I had a baby who only lived 30 days. His name was Noah. Ever since then, a fingernail moon has been called Noni's Moon. HIs little sister said "Noah" but it came out "No-nee." When Noah was born and thirty days later he died, the moon looked like this- from that point on, my older daughter and I called it a Noni's Moon. He would be 22 years old in October of this year, and we still remember his moon.


  1. Lovely story... My best friend is Naomi... but I often call her Noni, as does her family. (My brothers birthday is in October.) Noni to me sounds of sweetness, and friendship, and fun.

    Thanks for sharing Kat.

  2. Awww your comment just warmed my heart! Thank you for sharing that! ❤

  3. Beautiful picture and poignant story. The moon is good for reminding us of the cycles of life, in joy and sorrow.

    1. I love the moon! And you are right, it is good for reminding us. So glad to see you here, dear friend!

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